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    We were eating lunch with the door open, and a monkey started to peek through the door.’Isn’t that cute?’ we thought. 
    'Hello monkey,' we said. 
    Then the situation quickly deteriorated. 

    (Dharamshala, India)

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    american horror story asylum 

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    We’ve Been In ‘The Era Of The Booty’ For A Long Time

    An article that discusses “The Era of the Big Booty,” currying praise and high regard for curves — while erasing the culture that originally brought them to the mainstream — feels like someone saying only these kinds of bodies can receive this kind of praise. America rewards beauty heavily with privilege, promotions and favor. To shut out black women from being able to lay claim to their own features is cruel. To mention Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance, and not even once mention the other “big booties” on stage with her? Hazard a guess as to why.Commentator Erika Nicole Kendall on how the history of the full figure far predates J.Lo.

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    In case you missed it

    Oh my god…so…much…wrong…

    Love it.

    So right.

    These lowkey sound like articles they’d really write.

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    fangirl challenge - [1/5] opening credits
    → a different world

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    Brother Savion Glover

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    when i was little i learned what schizophrenia was from TV and for a while i was really afraid because i thought i had it since i always heard my own voice in my head so finally i told a doctor and he informed me that what i was experiencing was called thinking.

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    this was a while ago now but we found a lake and flowers in the bushes and it was so pretty

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