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    Black girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Black Girls of the 90s

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    Staging beauty through material products and human by-products created between the 70s & 80s. Re-imagining a black feminist identity without the physical presence the body.


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    Can this be my life, tho?

    Who’s driving the car?

    The Spirit of Jazz and the Knowledge of Impending Racism

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    Costilla de Adán

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  • Dayanara Diaz on Orange is the New Black with Ebro in the AM

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    'Negrita' Documentary: Empowering a Community by Sharing the Stories of Afro-Latinas

    Dominican Magdalena Albizu coined the term “Nubian Latina,” a phrase that actively celebrates her blackness and visibly addresses her Latino ethnicity. Accepted as a “light-skinned” person in the African American community and recognized as Dominican at home, Albizu decided to write and direct a documentary, entitled "Negrita," which investigates skin color and racial declaration and explores the often dichotomized “black” or “Hispanic” understandings.

    Beyond being a decided “skin color,” blackness in America is an experience and an identity felt outside of the African American community by those with African ancestry. For Latinos who are racially Black, this can manifest in a number of ways: consciousness, awareness, recognition, dismissal, shame or pride.

    Negrita, the Spanish term from which the documentary gains its title, means little black girl, and the word has both has positive and negative connotations. Numerous women featured in the preliminary footage stated that the word can be used offensively; but, generally, the word is used withcariño or affection. For example, “Oh,my black girl… my love.” This jollier sentiment was the one that led to the term being borrowed by Albizu, producer Ingrid Matias, and the director of photography Donovan Lambert.



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    Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco and the Fania All-Stars Live in Africa “Quimbara” 1974 [X]

    La rumba me está llamando, bombo dile que ya voy, 
    que se espere un momentico mientras canto un guaguancó. 
    Dile que no es un desprecio, pues vive en mi corazón. 
    Mi vida es tan sólo eso, rumba buena y guaguancó!

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    Camille, 19 year old, Peruana/Mexicana. 3 year, studying Politics and Latin American and Latino Studies at UC Santa Cruz. Hoping to be the next Latina President. Love this blog, and love seeing all these empowered Latinos on here!

    Yes that is a baby anaconda in the Peruvian Amazon :)

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  • "Too many men look at me like I owe them something, like the word ‘beautiful’ should mean something to me just because that’s how they choose to describe me."
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    Los nopales #olverastreet

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  • "I might be too young to settle down and marry, but I’m definitely too old to be playing anymore games. I’m too old to just be talking to someone, too old to not know what’s really going on, and too old to be entertaining somebody with no intention of making it work. At this age, I’m only interested in consistency, stability, respect and loyalty. And I want to hear someone tell me that they love me and know they Goddamn mean it."
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    The Secret Country: The First Australians Fight Back - 1986

    (Warning for Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders: contains footage,images and voices of those now deceased) 

    In 2014 this history still stays secret, educate yourselves.  

    So important. 

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